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History Of A Winning Look Creative

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History of A Winning Look

A Winning Look Advertising & Design was founded by Bill Hobbs and officially opened its doors for operation in July of 1987. We specialized in the creation of illustrations and comprehensive layouts for advertising agencies locally and nationally.

In 1989 we bought our first Macintosh computer and jumped with both feet into the blossoming world of desktop publishing. As computers and software became more powerful we harnessed the power of the "Mac" and started to rely more and more on the tools that were then available.

Through the 1990s and the dawning of the Internet as a marketing tool, we broadened our scope to include not only print but the full power of the World Wide Web. In the years that ensued we've created many personal, corporate, nonprofit and e-commerce websites, each with its own unique look and feel.

As artists first, we believe that your website, ad, logo, or brochure should be a work of art. So with that philosophy, we create projects that we are happy to sign our names to.

Don't you think your next project should have A Winning Look?